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DEKRA Automotive hosts a series of high impact events which steer behavioural change in Dealerships who when faced with new initiatives from Headquarters, need their staff to accept and adapt to these ideas.  Often requiring a major change in people’s belief systems, the goal is to encourage them to buy-in to these proposals in order to make long term, sustainable changes that help deliver business improvement.

People need to feel valued, that their opinions matter and that they are an important part of the team.  If they are not consulted then they will give less than their best.  So it is important to get them on board as soon as possible when implementing changes to routine processes and procedures.

We recognise the importance of including staff in these changes irrespective of their role or years of experience.  Our one to 2 day behavioural change events are designed for Business Managers and Owners.

Workshops and guided discovery, supported by Q and A sessions encourage a high level of engagement with Dealer staff who become receptive to new ideas or procedural changes.

Encouraging people to discuss and ask questions about a proposed change means a greater level of acceptance and substantial changes in their belief systems.  We understand that people are resistant to change but we adopt a drill-down approach where they are persuaded to see the positive aspects of the initiative and the benefits to them to the overall business.

A concerted effort such as this means sustainable changes in their behaviour and a willingness to buy-in to the new initiative.  Our high intensity events ensure that Management return to their Dealerships where they are motivated to deliver measurable business improvement.

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