We are known for our top quality range of services which are delivered with passion and a desire to do the best for our Business Partners.  At the core of these services are our dedicated teams of well qualified, experienced motor industry professionals who strive to excel in whatever they do.

Providing short and long term outsourced staff, training people in a particular aspect of behavioural change, recruiting people for specialist roles, selecting the right people for the right job, helping to deliver projects and organising events.

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  • Benchmarking

    Businesses succeed when they have the best people in the right roles. People benchmarking is designed to help companies identify what makes their top people the best, so that they…

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  • Training

    At DEKRA Automotive our team of specialist trainers work in partnership with your business to develop and deliver the highest quality training. Our aim is to ensure that your employees,…

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  • Consultancy

    Let ttl automotive share its wealth of knowledge and expertise with you, delivering a unique approach to the challenges of your business. We treat every client as an individual and…

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  • Events

    DEKRA Automotive hosts a series of high impact events which steer behavioural change in Dealerships who when faced with new initiatives from Headquarters, need their staff to accept and adapt…

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  • Outsourcing

    ttl automotive have an enviable reputation for outsourcing solutions. Top quality outsourced teams are an integral part of our cutting edge solutions for business improvement meeting strategic…

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  • Human Resources

    Your business needs well trained, motivated people with extensive knowledge and specialist skills necessary for the automotive industry. This function is usually performed by an in-house HR…

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ttl automotive web based tools

Web-based Tools

We have a comprehensive range of tools that do an outstanding job for our Dealer partners.
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If you have subscribed to one of our online products and would like technical assistance, please contact our UK-based IT Support Helpdesk using the details below:

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