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Broadcast business messages to improve skills and competency

I-Media is one of several innovative business solutions developed by us where we have developed software applications that are designed to improve business processes and enhance the customer experience.  Investing in our people as part of our continuing service improvement and commitment to excellence where compromise is not an option.

About I-Media

This web-based coaching and training application delivers short, sharp messages in the form of high quality video clips to people employed in a variety of roles, from front line to management.  These TV clips of trainers and coaches are an up-to-date method of delivery from a user-friendly portal where there is a need for performance improvement.

Business processes, customer facing skills, call handling techniques and behavioural change are a few of the training modules delivered by I-Media.  Each module is context specific and designed to improve technical and customer facing skills.  The aim is a consistent, professional approach at all times.

The main advantage of I-Media is its ability to be transmitted at any time and in any place.  Your staff are free to access this service during the day and do not need to leave the workplace in order to do so which is a huge factor when conducting a cost-benefit analysis of this service.

I-Media empowers people and supports them in their delivery of processes that match the culture and ethos of the business, keeping them engaged and eager to go that extra mile.

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