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Virtual coaching in the real workplace

Virtual coaching and web e-learning are increasingly being used to deliver interactive training to groups of people without the need for them to attend traditional classroom sessions.  This is a modern solution to the age-old problem of insufficient knowledge or training for the task in hand.

We recognised the effectiveness of this technology, developing a multi-user, online training application or I-Coach that delivers concise information to these audiences without the need for them to leave their place of work.  This digital approach enables key messages to be broadcast to your staff, amplifying their operational impact as part of a performance enhancement programme.

Achieving the same outcomes but with minimal impact on your business in terms of employee absences and costly downtime.  Employees do not have to attend a training course in a remote location or learn in a conventional academic environment.  Instead, the training is delivered to them whilst they are at work.

About I-Coach

This web based training and coaching portal uses high speed internet to help deliver interactive, multimedia training sessions for 45 minutes duration.  It is supported by a well-respected operating platform that guarantees security and reliability of service and broadcasts to a wide range of dealerships.  Critical research support is also a feature.

These sessions use graphics, video streaming, PowerPoint and audio with additional functionality in the form of an interactive whiteboard and group activity.  Feedback is collected from these sessions using a ‘poll’ feature which enables the audience to offer suggestions and advice for quality improvement.

I-Coach can be used as a follow up to classroom sessions if there is a need to reinforce key messages or as a tool to address a training need that has arisen from a critical analysis report.  Previous training sessions can also be delivered.

This web-based tool plays an important role in project management where a training needs analysis requires a strategic planning response such as this.  Its delivery of high quality, interactive sessions with a low risk to the business and a high impact on the audience is a win-win situation.

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