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Enhanced telephone communication for sales success

Telephone communication is a vital skill and one of the most important aspects of the sales process.  We fully endorse this with our internet-based telephone recording application or Digivoice which is an essential part of our business improvement programme.

About Digivoice

This digital call recording platform provides an objective record of inbound and outbound phone activity which can be used to develop your team’s telephone communication skills.  It helps to identify areas where there is a clear training or coaching need as well as assessing the effectiveness of the system as a whole.

These calls are accessed via an internet portal and analysed by members of the management team, internal sales team and coaches against a set of specified criteria.  They measure the efficiency of response, quality and quantity of the calls and behaviours exhibited by the call handling team.

A selection of calls is critiqued, including those to prospective customers, using bespoke analytics that have been devised as a benchmark for that particular business.  The objective is the alignment of call handling process with customer service protocol.

Digivoice: a top quality, professional call handling service that drives performance improvement.

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