Improving Retail Sales Departments

Utilising our professional skills and expertise, our bespoke approach has helped the Sales Department of this Retailer from a well-known manufacturer increase their department’s sales volume, increase their F&I sales and improve their Customer Satisfaction score.


The Issue:

This particular retailer was viewed as a successful business, proficient at website marketing and widely regarded as the benchmark by which others were measured.  However, upon close inspection, it became apparent that the Sales Department of this retailer could sell even more cars, make even more profit and increase the overall level of customer satisfaction.


The Approach:

Using our tried and tested performance improvement approach, we set about addressing what was the biggest challenge – integrating the Business Manager into the sales process and opening the lines of communication between the Business Manager and the Sales Manager.  A combination of industry Best Practice and hands on coaching and mentoring in the showroom quickly demonstrated the opportunities that were being missed and how easy it would be to capture and maximise those opportunities in the future.



With some simple tweaks to the sales process, a clearly defined management control process and the introduction of a ‘100% referral’ policy, the Sales Manager, Sales Executives and Business Manager became a single unit working together, as opposed to three separate entities that existed when we began.  Ongoing coaching and mentoring meant that we were able to review and improve the new processes and practices’ ensuring everyone was able to perform to their optimum level.



As a result of developing a cohesive sales process and management control process that focused the Sales Executives, Business Manager and Sales Manager, the outcome was that:

  • Over the next 12 months of measurement, the Sales Department sold on average an extra 12 cars per month, a 28% uplift
  • Increased F&I sales by 54%
  • Improved their Customer Satisfaction scores to a level that meant they earned an additional ‘standards’ bonus


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