Outsourced team improves Fleet Sales Department

A tried amd tested approach of a perfect ‘job fit’ team is provided for one of our clients who were under achieving in sales in the fleet sector.  Results lead to over achievement of sales for the first year.


The Issue:

The premium Brand is expanding in Europe with a fleet focus to maximise the brand opportunity for volume growth. As a result of this focus, the Brand required additional resource and expertise to achieve these volume growth aspirations and DEKRA Automotive were invited to present a solution for specialised outsourced human resource and fleet expertise in the UK, France, Germany and Italy. The challenge was to find Fleet specialists that were capable of operating in many disciplines, at many levels and across all Fleet sales channels. These individuals required expertise and a track record in direct sales, leasing and dealer engagement encompassing coaching skills, business planning and performance management. An additional challenge was to find candidates who were multilingual at a business level.


The Approach:

The key to delivering an exceptional result and service is the people doing the job.  At DEKRA Automotive automotive we have a proven history of recruiting exceptional people and then developing them into a perfect ‘job fit’.  Our first step in the creation of our new team was to define and agree detailed job descriptions and person profiles.  We then agreed the skills and competencies necessary for the role and the performance objectives and targets.  As part of our robust recruitment process, we ran several assessment centres where applicants had to undergo a series of psychometric tests, interviews and job-related tasks.  The last step of the process was a director-level interview to ensure cultural fit.



Our solution was the provision of a fully-managed team: 2 Telephone Appointment Makers, 3 field-based Sales Managers and a Project Manager.  ttl’s management style is focused on motivating and developing its team on an on-going basis in order to maximise the performance of each individual and the group as a whole.  Using our approach of constant coaching and mentoring; monthly and quarterly review sessions; annual performance reviews and client reviews.



As a result of DEKRA Automotive’s professional approach and implementation, the outcome was that:

  • All recruitment processes were successfully completed within four months across four countries and a full team of five people are now in place working for the client
  • The team employed are a hugely experienced set of individuals possessing a broad skill set
  • The team are already achieving some impressive sales results even earlier than anticipated


To find out more about how DEKRA Automotive can help and support you to deliver a result through an excellent outsourced team, please contact us on either 01494 480500 or  info.automotive@dekra.com

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