Helping Dealerships increase CSI scores

Aftersales Departments for this manufacturer increased their CSI scores after working with DEKRA Automotive experts who evaluated their processes, facilities and behaviours in the work place.  After implementing a five month in-dealership coaching programme, these dealerships saw an overall rise in CSI scores and created a more positive and effective team in delivering customer satisfaction.


The Issue:

The manufacturer was experiencing challenging aftersales CSI levels at many of it’s dealerships.  Despite on-going activity by the manufacturer’s Field Force and making activity uplift CSI a priority amongst the dealer network, the results remained disappointing.  A dynamic approach was needed in an effort to bring about tangible improvement within realistic time frames.


The Approach:

The approach used was designed to focus – not only on Best Practice process and customer driven staff behaviour, but also to get to grips with more fundamental and personal issues that may be causing a lack of performance amongst key dealership staff.  In addition, the programme was designed to promote self-control, dealership innovation and a philosophy of continuous improvement.  This was so that once our involvement with the dealerships had finished, the Field Force and dealership could continue the on-going quality improvement initiatives for the benefit of the manufacturer, dealership and its customers.



The programme started by reviewing the process and facilities for customers and staff at each dealership.  With this, key customer facing staffs, Managers and Directors, were asked to complete the following; Personality Profiles, Emotional Intelligence Tests and a 360 degree survey on the prevailing climate and culture of the dealership.  Following analysis of these results, a five month programme of in-dealership coaching and support visits were completed to help realise operational and behavioural change, and to implement the continuous improvement regime necessary for on-going sustainment.



The results of the programme have been dramatic.  In all of the dealerships participating, the results were:

  • Overall CSI for these dealers has risen by an average of 18% since the programme started, which represents an increase of over 40%
  • The corresponding uplift in national CSI scores for dealers not on the programme was 6 percentage points – an increase of only 9%
  • In addition to the CSI results, the programme has positively altered the ‘culture’ within the dealership, generating a more cohesive and effective team in delivering complete customer satisfaction in a sustained way


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