DEKRA Automotive is a talented team of people that bring out the best in others.  Our solutions are imaginative and built upon many years of combined automotive-industry experience and delivered with enthusiasm and passion.


  • Stephen Dorman Customer Experience Manager, KIA

    The DNA Programme has proven to be highly effective at coaching and developing our Dealer Teams. DEKRA Automotive’s approach has provided significant and sustainable improvements to customer satisfaction and the delivery of true “Family-like Care”. It has also received great feedback from participating KIA…

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  • Dennis Willis Retailer Principal/Owner, ŠKODA

    The ŠKODA Talk Programme has provided significant improvement in the level of renewal finance penetration and ultimate profitability Willis Motor Company as a dealership have experienced, since Mike and his team got involved with us in November last year. The call monitoring and subsequent in-house training that has been delivered has pulled together some numbers which indicate: • October 2013, under 40% of inbound calls resulted in a confirmed appointment • November, this number increased to 44% • December, the percentage increased to a very impressive 80% The month of January has yet to be analysed and although from an…

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  • Lee Hutton

    “Please accept my heartfelt gratitude to yourself and the team at Honda People. In what was four months of uncertainty and misery for my family whilst un-employed, your company continued to do its job right and keep my application on…

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  • John Roberts Head of Fleet Operations, Westway Nissan

    “It has been fascinating to have been involved in the selection process as it has offered us a different, more innovative approach to employee selection, which will ultimately improve our staff retention, improve the consistency and professionalism of our LCV proposition and enable us to confidently invest in our LCV and B2B…

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